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Video: Ars Live Episode 2: Surveillance

Ars Live Episode 2: Surveillance

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Ars Technica's Cyrus Farivar and Annalee Newitz spoke with UC Davis Law Professor Elizabeth Joh about the state and consequences of surveillance and data collection in today's society. Recorded at Longitude in Oakland, CA on May 16, 2016. Read the article: Read More >>

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Video: Giroptic 360 Camera

Giroptic 360 Camera

Yahoo Tech's Dan Howley reviews the consumer-ready camera that shoots 360-degree photos and videos.

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Video: Undercover camera expose ageism, challenge old stereotypes

Undercover camera expose ageism, challenge old stereotypes

It's been said that age is an issue of mind over matter - if you don't mind, it doesn't matter. But as a growing number of Americans are living longer and healthier lives, many are questioning the definition of mid-life and how aging is perceived. Joan Lunden reports. (By TODAY with AARP)

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Video: Meet 'The Bachelorette's' Most Ridiculous Contestants This Season

Meet 'The Bachelorette's' Most Ridiculous Contestants This Season

On Monday's season premiere of The Bachelorette, JoJo Fletcher met the new crop of men vying for her heart. While she seemed to be taken by a few suitors, others stole the show. One man named showed up dressed up as jolly ol' 'Saint Nick" as he exited the limo. He bellowed, "Jo Jo Jo," then told her she'd been a "good girl" and gave her a present. Sal gave JoJo stress balls, saying, "If at any point you feel stressed, I give you permission to squeeze my balls." JoJo replied, "What a gesture." Vinny and Nick S., took turns drunkenly barging into JoJo's interview and embarrassing themselves. However, none were as memorable as Daniel, who showed up wearing the black suit and shirt combo of an action movie villain. He must have known he'd be the most hated contestant this season. He proceeded to get drunk and strip down to his tiny underwear that JoJo confused for a thong. After giving an inebriated flex session to the camera, he jumped into the pool. He received a rose and hopefully some aspirin in for the morning.

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Video: Large tornado in Kansas caught on camera

Large tornado in Kansas caught on camera

Severe thunderstorms swept across parts of southwestern Kansas Sunday, and particularly violent one produced a large tornado that was caught on camera.

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Video: Apple Stores Are Getting a Full Makeover

Apple Stores Are Getting a Full Makeover

Apple's new flagship San Francisco store is a redesign of the brand's shopping experience. Giant glass doors bring the outdoors inside to the new tree-lined Genius Grove where Creative Pros assist with music and photography apps and accessories.

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iOgrapher QuickFix for iPad Air2
If you're upgrading your iPad Air to the iPad Air 2, one of the things you may not h Read More
Fun now. Don`t have to wait for CES to end
Just for Fun Silly stuff at CES 2015 You know that there are bunch of products at CES 2015 that may not make it out in the real world, but are rea Read More
CES 2015: New Laptop
Laptops aren't really new, but Velocity Micro is introducing a series of laptops that are new u   Velocity Micro®, the premier builder of a Read More
CES 2015: Speaker VAMP
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="480"] Connect to any old speaker[/caption] This is really quite cool.  Instead of offering a simple new Read More
CES 2015: Wet Speakers
This Bluetooth 3.0 speaker has both extraordinary sound and is shower proof! Its tough rubber exterior and splash-resistant shell makes it perfect fo Read More

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